The Vinalhaven Photo Project is collaboration between the photographer, Richard Howard, and the Vinalhaven Historical Society.

It will last two years and the end result will be a broad community portrait focused on the year round population. The Historical Society has ample documentation of the island during the prosperous granite quarrying years in the early twentieth century. The VHPP will provide the Historical Society a record of the island in the heyday of lobstering as well as the economy of tourism in the early 21st Century.

Along the way we will be exhibiting photographs around town and post them on the VHPP website. At the conclusion we are planning a community celebration and exhibition of the final images. If all goes well, we will also produce a book. And the work will be in the permanent collection of the Historical Society.

Richard Howard, the photographer and organizer of the Project, has been a long time visitor to Vinalhaven. In his broad professional work, he has had a specific interest in rural and unique communities. The Vinalhaven Historical Society has signed on to be a partner in the work. For more information see the Blog post, announcing the start of the project in October 2017